• About MSG
Since 2000, Mud Sweat n’ Gears has been a family owned business with a staff whose knowledge, energy and tenure is second to none. Through the years, our absolute committment to customer service has never waivered. We are passionate skiers and snowboarders, services providers, product gurus and rental experts. MSG’s tireless commitment to providing service that goes beyond the expected has generated a loyal customer base of all ages and skiing abilities.

Our flagship store holds court on a historic corner in the heart of Ellicottville, NY that’s as much a gathering place as it is a store. In 2018, we added a second location on the charming Main Stree in East Aurora, NY. Both locations are unique in their range and level of service.  Mud Sweat n’ Gears has received several industry awards including two time Ski Magazine “Gold Medal Ski Shop” and Skiing Magazine recognition as one of a handful of “Expert Ski Shops” in the country. Wheather you’ve been a longtime customer or just stopping in for the first time, we look forward to assisting you with your winter needs.

Meet the team

“Our successes are attributed to our team, entirely.”

  • Miguel Azcarate

    Miguel Azcarate, Owner

    Former pro racer and longtime Holiday Valley alpine coach, Miguel originates from San Sebastian, Spain. Motivated by business and an undeniable passion for skiing, Miguel takes tremendous pride in Mud, Sweat n’ Gears. When not in the store, you’re likely to find him on the slopes, running gates or coaching a group of young athletes.

  • Kimberly Reading

    Kimberly Reading, Owner

    Growing up on the slopes of Holiday Valley, Kimberly knows how to recognize trends and has kept her finger on the pulse of skiing and ski related fashions. Kimberly always believed that providing customers with the absolute best quality products and genuine service….as well as making it a fun place to work…would make MSG stand out. Kimberly’s motto, “work hard and be nice”.

  • Pat Wallace

    Patrick Wallace, General Manager

    Originally from the great state of Pennsylvania, Pat moved to Ellicottville to ride bikes. Since then, Pat has a hand in every aspect of Mud, Sweat n’ Gears. With an unstoppable “can-do” attitude, he has the ability to pull all the different pieces together to keep all systems running smooth. Away from work, Pat likes anything outdoors. True to his roots as a cyclist, Pat is probably one of very few people who scares the rocks he rides over. “I like to ride as fast as possible.”

  • Alissa Spauling

    Alissa Spaulding, Front End Manager

    Alissa’s combination of “20-something” energy, enthusiasm and positive attitude is contagious. At the young age of 15, Alissa became a first point-of-contact at Mud, Sweat n’ Gears. Since then, attention to detail and going above and beyond for the customer has been her priority. Alissa is a softgoods buyer, point of sale specialist and has lip syncing skills worthy enough for a television series. Outside work, Alissa keeps busy with her two young boys, Carter and Mason.

  • Cody Anderson

    Cody Anderson

    Cody prides himself on knowing the difference between equipment that is tuned almost right and exactly right. Cody loves skiing for the simple joy of being outside and carving on snow. Cody likes all things Arc’teryx, and his golden retriever, too. Outside of work, Cody enjoys music, is a trumpet playa (yes, playa) and builds elaborate bird houses.

  • Michelle Bermingham

    Michelle Wilson Bermingham

    Michelle shines bright and brings good energy to Mud, Sweat n’ Gears. Michelle has been skiing almost as long as she has been walking and has a lengthy resume in the ski industry. She commands the sales floor with product knowledge and expertise. Outside of work, Michelle is a hardworking mom, a car pooling machine, loves her husband, teenage kids and crock pot, too.

  • Kathy Burst

    Kathy Burst

    Kathy works behind the scenes, managing all the stuff (including us) that would otherwise go unmanaged and thus devolve into total chaos. She’s the person who knows what you need before you know you need it. Away from Mud, Sweat n’ Gears, Kathy is a die hard dog lover and cares for her three beautiful Weimaraner children.

  • Debbie Fredrickson

    Debbie Frederickson

    You’ll find Debbie behind the scenes at www.skiyard.com running a streamlined and efficient system. She keeps all things in check…including Nick. Debbie has been the undisputed Mud, Sweat n’ Gears leg wrestling champion since 2015. Outside of work, Debbie is a horse trainer, personal trainer and fitness fanatic. In other words, don’t mess with Debbie.

  • Brock Griffiths

    Brock Griffiths

    Brock has been a seasonal asset at Mud, Sweat n’ Gears since his teenage years when he had hair like Shaun White. Known for his shock of red hair, Brock a backshop guru with an endless skill set. He can get ‘err done. Outside work, Brock is a carpenter and enjoys “rolling coal”, rides dirt bikes, skis fast and rides mountain bikes with Pat Wallace.

  • Patty Wolf

    Patty Wolf Kohler

    AKA “Hollywood Patty” for reasons unknown. Patty’s love for the skiing is without bounds. Patty is one of the most sought after children’s ski instructors at Holiday Valley and has been teaching kids how to ski since Pluto became a planet (kidding). Outside of work, Patty loves to ski in Colorado, is an avid hiker, dog lover and an amazing mom to daughters Kate and Laura.

  • Page Nowicki

    Page Nowicki, Manager, East Aurora

    Page has a beard, is the self-proclaimed ski pole manager and has been working in the ski and snowboard industry since neon was trending. Page brings years of experience and knowledge to Mud, Sweat n’ Gears…he talks the talk, and walks the walk like no one else. Outside of work, Page loves to ski, snowboards occasionally, ride bikes and enjoys spending time with his wife Lisa and their teenage twins, Gunner and Sienna.

  • Shad Nowicki

    Shad Nowicki

    Shad shares the same last name as Page and is Mud, Sweat n’ Gears most seasoned veteran. Since his days of dreadlocks and skateboards, Shad is known for his good ole fashioned customer service skills and promises you’ll leave happier than when you arrived. Shad is a renowned Comic Con artist, lives with a ghost named Boo (true story) and grooves to the Heuy Lewis channel while tuning skis.

  • Nick Sciara

    Nick Sciara

    Nick (AKA; Nick Paul) is Mud, Sweat n’ Gears jack of all trades, he’s comfortable everywhere from the sales floor to overseeing the daily operations of www.skiyard.com. Nick has a big head of hair and is a limitless source for everything to do with skiing and snowboarding. A snowboarder at heart, Nick has a well rounded outdoor life. He enjoys mountain biking, boating and hiking with his wife Kristen and their two young boys, Cooper and Griffin.

  • Sam Uhrinek

    Sam Uhrinek

    Sam is the newest, and most petit addition, to the Mud, Sweat n’ Gears team. Standing 5’-1” tall, Sam works the front end and is our fit model for all things extra small. Sam is no stranger to the industry as she taught snowboarding for five years at the local ski area. Outside of work, Sam enjoys the outdoors, fitness, snowboarding, has a fraternal twin sister who is 1 hour and 59 minutes older and loves to decorate cupcakes.

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