Meet the team

“Our successes are attributed to our team, entirely.”

  • Miguel Azcarate, Owner

    Former pro racer and longtime Holiday Valley alpine coach, Miguel originates from San Sebastian, Spain. Motivated by business and an undeniable passion for skiing, Miguel takes tremendous pride in Mud, Sweat n’ Gears. When not in the store, you’re likely to find him on the slopes, running gates or coaching a group of young athletes.

  • Kimberly Reading

    Kimberly Reading, Owner

    Growing up on the slopes of Holiday Valley, Kimberly knows how to recognize trends and has kept her finger on the pulse of skiing and ski related fashions. Kimberly always believed that providing customers with the absolute best quality products and genuine service….as well as making it a fun place to work…would make MSG stand out. Kimberly’s motto, “work hard and be nice”.

  • Patrick Wallace, Manager

    Favorite run: The run with the most snow.

    Favorite MSG gear: All the new boots, skis and gadgets.

    Little known fact: I like to ride bicycles as fast as possible.

    Local knowledge: Ask for the “Pantius Droppus” at Ellicottville Brewing Company.

  • Alissa Spaulding, Front End Supervisor

    Favorite run: Mardi Gras.

    Favorite MSG gear: Smith Optics, SmartWool, Darn Tough and Turtle Fur Totally Tubular.

    Little known fact: I am one of two “real” local employees at MSG.

    Local knowledge: Eleven local businesses have moved/expanded in the past three years.

  • Cody Anderson

    Favorite run: I prefer jogging.

    Favorite MSG gear: AFI Snow Glide.

    Little known fact: I make a killer “Brock Pot Tater Tot”.

    Local knowledge: I know where all the hidden parking spaces are in EVL.

  • Michelle Wilson Bermingham

    Favorite run: First run of the season.

    Favorite MSG gear: The whole damn store!

    Little known fact: I lived in four ski towns including Aspen, CO where my two children were born.

    Local knowledge: I am the best late night hairdresser in town.

  • Mike Eckley

    Favorite run: The one with moguls.

    Favorite MSG gear: Rossi-Look, FKS/8 Pivot/Turntable bindings.

    Little known fact: I like Ford vans.

    Local knowledge: Ellicottville Depot pizza & wings are the best.

  • Debbie Frederickson

    Favorite run: Sunrise at Holiday Valley.

    Favorite MSG gear: If I have to choose just one, it would be Hestra gloves.

    Little known fact: I have known Miguel longer than most (probably everyone) working at MSG.

    Local knowledge: Being a “true local”, meaning I was born and raised in Ellicottville. I have lots of local knowledge – just depends on what you want to know. My grandparents used to own the barn that is now the City Garage.

  • Brock Griffiths

    Favorite run: The Chute (Holiday Valley), Glacier Bowl (Whistler Blackcomb).

    Favorite MSG gear: Soul 7 ski, Powder Horn gear, POC lid and goggles.

    Little known fact: I ride MX more than I ski and I ski more than I sleep.

    Local knowledge: I ski with Mogul Mike Eckley.

  • Patty Wolf Kohler

    Favorite run: Star Fire at Keystone, CO (where my daughter works).

    Favorite MSG gear: Nordica Hells Bells, Nordica Fire Arrow Boots.

    Little known fact: I started skiing at age three at Glenwood Acres in Colden, NY.

    Local knowledge: My parents, Dutch and Rita Wolf, were the only married couple on the Holiday Valley ski patrol for over 50 years.

  • Page Nowicki

    Favorite run: La Chimenea in La Parva, Chile.

    Favorite MSG gear: Our boot selection. With this many styles and models we can fit anyone, plus we have master boot fitters.

    Little known fact: Vans and I started the same year.

    Local knowledge: The tree skiing at Holiday Valley is surprisingly good and the best burritos come from Bike & Bean.

  • Shad Nowicki

    Favorite run: Any run that makes my edges shoot sparks!

    Favorite MSG gear: Turtle Fur La Bandita.

    Little known fact: This is my secret identity.

    Local knowledge: Locals don’t talk about it.

  • Nick Sciara

    Favorite run: Whichever has the most snow and the least amount of people.

    Favorite MSG gear: It’s all awesome.

    Little known fact: Nick Paul rules the world!

    Local knowledge: If I told you, it wouldn’t be local knowledge.

  • “I have shopped at many ski shops throughout the US and Europe, and out of all the shops I’ve been to and purchased gear from, MUD SWEAT ‘N GEARS STANDS OUT. Everyone I dealt with was knowledgeable, professional and super friendly. To top it all off, their boot fitting technicians are certified Gold – they are the most knowledgeable anywhere. You will not buy a boot that doesn’t fit you perfectly – THEY ARE THAT GOOD.”
    – ROBIN

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