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  • BUY BOOTS THAT FIT. The first step in finding a proper fitting boot is finding the right bootfitter. As a member store of America’s Best Bootfitters, our job at Mud Sweat n’ Gears is to find you the perfect match. Our boot fit specialists are Masterfit trained and certified to specialize in custom bootfitting, boot modification, stance balancing and alignment engineering. A proper, custom fit boot has three primary advantages:

    Better Skiing: You will actually turn better, have more control, and be a better skier than you were before you first put your new boots on. Who doesn’t want that?

    Better Comfort: This is not just a matter of luxury. Better comfort has concrete advantages besides how your feet feel. It directly translates to less fatigue, which means more runs, better skiing, and less soreness at the end of the day. It is especially important to anyone with uniquely shaped feet, ankles, or lower legs.

    Warmth: So many skiers complain about cold toes that it has become almost accepted as part of the sport – but it does not have to be. Custom-fitted boots are actually warmer because the blood supply to the feet is not constricted, as it often is in off-the-rack boots.


    We have the training, years of experience and selection to fit you with the perfect boot for your comfort and skiing ability. We offer a wide range of ski boots from Rossignol, Nordica, Head, Tecnica, Lange, Dalbello, Atomic and Fischer. Walk-ins are always welcome but we encourage you to schedule your bootfitting session in advance. Just call at 716-699-8300 to schedule an appointment.

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